College of Copenhagen


Does everybody deserve to an education, or are some people blessed enough to have it?

Denmark takes pride in its knowledge society. Due to the fact that the populace’s bulk has high knowledge level, the nation’s labor force creates a really enticing organization atmosphere. The nation’s unemployment rate, as well as its inflation rate, are low. It preserves its position in the expertise economy of the world.

Established in 1479, the College of Copenhagen is the very first and the greatest university as well as research study institution in Denmark. It is composed of close to 33,000 pupils as well as over 6,000 staff members. The University of Copenhagen’s schools are spread out within and also around the city. Tape-recorded as Scandinavia’s 2nd earliest college, it also beats two various other universities in Denmark for the “many distinguished university” title, the other two being the Technical College of Denmark and the University of Aarhus.

When the University of Copenhagen was founded, it was the centre of doctrinal research of the Roman Catholic religious beliefs. But back then, it already offered various other research studies such as medication, philosophy, as well as law. In 1537, when Martin Luther reorganized, the university was exchanged a Lutheran academy. A great deal of restructuring as well as modifications occurred from then on, which have all contributed to what the college is today.

Presently, the College of Copenhagen is residence to 6 faculties, namely: Professors of Law, Professors of Faith, Professors of Science, Professors of Social Sciences, Professors of Humanities, and also Faculty of Health And Wellness Sciences.

The Faculty of Regulation of the College of Copenhagen contains 4 departments. Each one intends to prepare its trainees for both the Bachelor of Legislation level along with the expert regulation degree.

Amongst the six professors of the University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Faith is one of the most nominal. It is composed of three departments, plus the Centre for African Studies.

The College of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Scientific research is made up of the natural as well as mathematical scientific researches, and also is grouped according to 11 institutes that include the Nature Museum of Denmark.

The college’s Faculty of Social Sciences has five departments of which learnings are based upon various areas, specifically: Political, International National Politics, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, as well as Management.

The greatest faculty based upon its student count, the Faculty of Liberal Arts of the College of Copenhagen entails 22 departments and also other disciplinary centers covering a number of subjects.

The Faculty of Health and wellness Sciences has ten departments, each geared towards the theoretical parts of training as well as research study.

The University of Copenhagen is part of the nation’s tuition-less education and learning system. This candidly reveals the world that education is certainly a right.


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